Profiles In Krav Maga: Moshe Katz

Our goal is to deal with reality, the reality of our bodies, the reality of our limited abilities the reality of our limited available time for training and the reality of the violence in the world. As such we dis-invest ourselves of all illusions and delusions and focus only on what is real in life. The reality of our existence requires realistic solutions.

– Moshe Katz

Who Is Moshe Katz?

Moshe began his martial arts training sometime in the 1980’s when he was a yeshiva student (Rabbinical college) in Jerusalem. Rabbi Meir Kahane, of blessed memory, tried to encourage them to learn martial arts but, Moshe needed a little push. That push came from his sister-in-law Michelle who had just seen the film ” The Karate Kid> “, she told him he must see it!

That did it. He was hooked on Mr. Miyagi and Karate. He signed up for lessons in Shurin ryu Karate with an instructor named Chaim Jaffe. He still remembers his first day; the sweat filled gym brought back found memories of high school. He was “sold” right away but had no idea this would become his life long pursuit. He wrote an aerogram to his parents that he thought “.”

When Moshe returned to New York he trained for two years in the full contact style of Kyokushin Karate with Saiko Shihan Shigeru Oyama. Those were great times. After three months he had his first visit to the hospital, St. Vincent’s. The occasion was a round house kick to his nose. Then it was a visit to St. Luke’s after his knuckles got hurt breaking boards; good memories. More hospital visits would follow.

Moshe then returned to Israel after being graduated from Bernard Baruch business school (New York City), and began looking for a place to train. After spending some time in Shotokan Karate a friend suggested he check out Itay Gil‘s full contact school. It was love at first kick. At the time Itay was not known outside their local circles, the training was tough, very tough and unforgiving. He worked his way up. Paid his dues. He put in eighteen years of hard training. Itay would say “.”

The hard hitting style of Itay’s Krav Maga gym was what he used back at the Oyama dojo in New York. He suffered his share of injuries and loved every minute. He began once again at white belt and worked his way up the ranks. Itay’s school had the hard hitting full contact sparring he was used to but it had more. It had the Israeli self defense approach known as Krav Maga.

Israeli Krav International (IKI)> is under the direction of Moshe Katz.

During the course of his 30 years in martial arts, Moshe has trained with some of the greatest instructors around the world. He is certified by Wingate, Israel’s national Martial Arts certification board, and by Itay Gil; his instructor and friend of many years.

He spent several years working for the Israeli Board of Education as a Krav Maga instructor, adviser, and contributor. He spent two years training the Jerusalem Elite security guards.

Over the years Moshe has been recognized worldwide for his Krav Maga abilities and innovations and has received numerous awards and honors from military, police, civilian and governments. He has been featured in news broadcasts, TV and radio, newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

In 2010 he was inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame as an instructor of the year.

In 2014 he was inducted into the American Black Belt Hall of Fame as International Krav Maga instructor of the year.

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